What Makes a Product Green?

Chemical Systems

  • Are EPA approved, Green Seal approved or approved by another environmental organization
  • Use organic/bio cleaning chemicals made from renewable resources where applicable
  • Remove bleach and other harmful chemicals
  • Laundry systems that utilize Green chemicals and conserve energy

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Hand Hygiene Program

  • Hand soaps contain no antimicrobial agents (except as required by health codes and regulations for healthcare or food service)
  • Hand soaps are Green Seal or approved by other environmental organizations
  • Hand Sanitizers offered to complement hand soaps and improve hand hygiene
  • Dispensers and the user of foam soaps minimize waste

Can Liners Program

  • Meet the current EPA guidelines
  • Trash bags contain at least 10% post-consumer recycle content
  • Match trash liners size and weight to the container and application
  • Prefer smallest and thinnest size, weight, and gauge
  • Biodegradable and/or compostable (As required)

Paper Products

  • Use touchless dispensers to control the spread of germs and control usage to minimize waste.
  • Replace multi-fold towel dispensers with roll towel products
  • Paper meets EPA recycled product content:
  • Toilet paper: at least 20% post-consumer recycle content
  • Paper towels: at least 40% post-consumer recycle content
  • Facial tissue: at least 10% post-consumer recycle content
  • Certified by Green Seal, Eco-Logo or other approved organizations

Floor Care Equipment

  • Vacuums, Carpet Extractors, Auto Scrubbers, and other equipment used to maintain floors include Green Label certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute. (CRI)
  • Powered floor maintenance equipment have active vacuum dust capture for improved indoor air quality and operate with a sound level of less than 70 dBA
  • Battery powered equipment has environmentally preferable gel or AGM batteries
  • PM program is recommended to minimize downtime and keep equipment running efficiently.
  • Using wax and chemical applications systems that reduce waste and increase efficiencies.

Cleaning Tools - Mopping/Dusting/Scrubbing

  • Microfiber cleaning systems that reduce chemical waste
  • Utilize mopping systems with recycled content
  • Floor pads that minimize chemical usage and that are environmentally preferable
  • Use floor maintenance techniques that reduced stripping and focus on maintenance

Bins, Carts and Receptacles for Recycling and Smoking Management/Safety

  • Containers are made of recycled content
  • Recycling receptacles separate paper, glass, aluminum, cans, batteries, and light bulbs


  • Contain recycled content
  • Properly contain dirt and debris before it enters building

Shipping and Packaging Products (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse)

  • Products that contain recycled content (Paper, V-Board, Cartons etc.)
  • Using biodegradable materials (Plastics, Void fill/Peanuts)
  • Advanced stretch films that minimize gauge and materials used
  • Use plastic strapping to replace steel strapping

Water Efficient Accessories

  • Auto flush devices minimize water usage
  • Touchless flushing systems minimize contamination
  • Waterless urinals

Lighting Systems

  • Minimize energy usage
  • Minimize mercury in light bulbs
  • Recycling program

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