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What Makes a Product Green?
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Chemical Systems

Are EPA approved, Green Seal approved or approved by another environmental organization

Use organic/bio cleaning chemicals made from renewable resources where applicable

Remove bleach and other harmful chemicals

Laundry systems that utilize Green chemicals and conserve energy


Hand Hygiene Program

Hand soaps contain no antimicrobial agents (except as required by health codes and regulations for healthcare or food service)

Hand soaps are Green Seal or approved by other environmental organizations

Hand Sanitizers offered to complement hand soaps and improve hand hygiene

Dispensers and the user of foam soaps minimize waste


Can Liners Program

Meet the current EPA guidelines

Trash bags contain at least 10% post-consumer recycle content

Match trash liners size and weight to the container and application

Prefer smallest and thinnest size, weight, and gauge

Biodegradable and/or compostable (As required)


Paper Products

Use touchless dispensers to control the spread of germs and control usage to minimize waste.

Replace multi-fold towel dispensers with roll towel products

Paper meets EPA recycled product content:

Toilet paper: at least 20% post-consumer recycle content

Paper towels: at least 40% post-consumer recycle content

Facial tissue: at least 10% post-consumer recycle content

Certified by Green Seal, Eco-Logo or other approved organizations


Floor Care Equipment

Vacuums, Carpet Extractors, Auto Scrubbers, and other equipment used to maintain floors include Green Label certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute. (CRI)

Powered floor maintenance equipment have active vacuum dust capture for improved indoor air quality and operate with a sound level of less than 70 dBA

Battery powered equipment has environmentally preferable gel or AGM batteries

PM program is recommended to minimize downtime and keep equipment running efficiently.

Using wax and chemical applications systems that reduce waste and increase efficiencies.


Cleaning Tools - Mopping/Dusting/Scrubbing

Microfiber cleaning systems that reduce chemical waste

Utilize mopping systems with recycled content

Floor pads that minimize chemical usage and that are environmentally preferable

Use floor maintenance techniques that reduced stripping and focus on maintenance


Bins, Carts and Receptacles for Recycling and Smoking Management/Safety

Containers are made of recycled content

Recycling receptacles separate paper, glass, aluminum, cans, batteries, and light bulbs



Contain recycled content

Properly contain dirt and debris before it enters building


Shipping and Packaging Products (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse)

Products that contain recycled content (Paper, V-Board, Cartons etc.)

Using biodegradable materials (Plastics, Void fill/Peanuts)

Advanced stretch films that minimize gauge and materials used

Use plastic strapping to replace steel strapping


Water Efficient Accessories

Auto flush devices minimize water usage

Touchless flushing systems minimize contamination

Waterless urinals


Lighting Systems

Minimize energy usage

Minimize mercury in light bulbs

Recycling program