Saturn SP-9900 Portable Pallet Strapping Machine
  • The Saturn SP-9900 Pallet Strapper is engineered for flexibility. It straps pallets quickly, easily and securely anywhere in your plant.
  • Simply push the strapping arm into the pallet and loop the strap around the pallet. Insert the strap into the seal head and in less than two seconds it automatically tensions and heat seals the strap.
  • For greater flexibility, Highlight Industries offers a rechargeable battery option, making the SP-9900 truly portable!
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D2400 High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine
  • New state of the art digital display includes a 0 tension button for sensitive bundles and up / down arrow keys for simple tension adjustment.
  • Ejector finger, located in welding head, allows for runs where extremely low levels of tension are required, automatically detecting and correcting strap problems; and ensuring reliable, jam-free operations.
  • Capable of more than 50 cycles per minute.
  • Optional auto-bundle sensor, sense height and adjusts tension.
  • Insert strap into feeding slot and te machine automatically feeds itself.
  • Equipped with safety stray cutters outside the machine.
  • Automatically removes any leftover strap when strap coil is finished.
  • External dispenser allows you to determine when strap is low.
  • Strap cycle can be initiated by photo eye, switch or foot bar.
  • The machine table height can be adjusted from 29.5" to 35.4"
  • Accepts 5mm, 6mm or 9mm strapping.
  • Runs on 110V single phase, four 3" swivel casters allow for easy mobility.
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DF11 Automatic Bottom Seal Strapping Machine
  • Internal dispenser; minimizes required floor space, keeps strap dry.
  • Available in 110 volts single pase or 220, 440 volt, 3-phase.
  • Electronic control pads allow the operator to easily adjust timer functions, heater temperature setting and seal time.
  • Digital display reflects the unit's operational status, including an error read-out for easy trouble shooting.
  • Easy strap feeding and adjusable external tension control and heat heal allows operators to strap packages in easy, efficient manner.
  • Cycle initiation by foot switch or push button.
  • Energy saving feature; motor automatically shuts down when machine is not in use.
  • Casters allow macine to be easily moved throughout your facility.
  • Available for use with 3/8" or 1/2" strapping.
  • Anti-jam features eliminates strap jams in unit.
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DF117 Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine
  • Cycle time of 2.5 seconds (depending on arch/package size and your conveyor speed)/ Strap up to 24 packages per minute.
  • Side seal design for heavy package weight and dusty environments.
  • Easily adjust timer fuctions, heater temperature setting and seal time.
  • Digistal display reports operational status, including error code read out.
  • Utilizes 3/8" or 1/2" strapping material.
  • Adjustable external tension; allows for a wide range of packages to be strapped wtih just the right amount of tension every time.
  • Operates on 220 volt 3 phase power; with optional 115 volt single phase and 440 volt 3 phase on special order basic.
  • Available in a wide range of arch sizes/Casters allow for easy mobility.
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