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How To's

How To Get the Job Done...Right.

Have you ever wondered how to measure your cans for the right liner size, or how to vacuum carpeting the right way? Find step-by-step instructions here on a variety of janitorial and maintenance tasks, along with many helpful tips to make your job easier and more efficient. If you don't see what you need below, just ask a Nassco expert.

How To ...

Choose Your Dust Mop

Choose Your Wet Mop

Maintain Tape Machines

Clean Mats

Measure for Correct Can Liner Size

Dilute Concentrated Chemicals to the Correct Ratio

Understand Corrugated

Convert Metrics to Inches/Feet/Yards for Tape

Measure Poly Bags

Measure a Box

Measure Air Bubble Rolls

Measure Air Foam Rolls

Measure Air Bubble Height

Choose the Right Floor Finish

Choose the Right Floor Stripper

Choose the Right Floor Pad for the Job

Wash Hands