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Sustainable Systems
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Nassco's Sustainable Systems

With so many different organizations selling "Green", trying to select the right products can be confusing and overwhelming. Nassco's Sustainable Systems make "Going Green" easy by summarizing the key elements from leading environmental institutions like the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED) and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA®). Whether you desire LEED certification or just want to make your building more environmentally friendly, Nassco can help develop Sustainable Systems that are right for you.



Using environmentally preferable chemicals, tools, and strategies within an organization can help provide a healthy building for tenants and workers. Studies have shown the positive impact is overwhelming and includes improvements in worker productivity, morale, indoor air quality, and a reduction in sick days.

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Three Steps to Sustainable Cleaning

Chemical Systems

Implement a cleaning system utilizing chemicals that have a low impact on the environment and products that meet EPA, Green Seal, and other guidelines. Use dispensing systems that increase effectiveness and safety, and reduce packaging waste and liability.

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Site Maintenance

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Greatly reduce your need for cleaning by implementing strategies that stop dirt before it enters your building. Proper outdoor cleaning and matting systems can have a significant impact on your facility.


Cleaning Tools

Integrate a full system of automated equipment certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI™) such as vacuum cleaners with low noise output and proper dust filtration. Utilize microfiber cleaning systems and other tools for manual cleaning tasks such as dusting, mopping, and floor maintenance. Use advanced floor pads and the latest floor care technology to maintain floors. These tools can significantly reduce chemical usage and labor costs.

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Organizations can do many things to minimize their impact on the environment, and in the process, benefit from significantly reduced costs.

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Reduce -

Saving natural resources can be achieved by minimizing packaging materials and controlling usage of disposables.

Recycle -

Collecting materials that would otherwise become waste and sent to a landfill allows these products to be used again and ultimately saves natural resources.

Reuse -

Buying products with recycled content, or products that can be used multiple times, reduces the overall impact on the environment and lowers costs.


4 Steps to Sustainable Conservation

Recycling Programs

Reduce the amount of waste going into landfills by developing a strategy for waste collection within your facility. Recycling containers will provide a simple method to help people begin to contribute to this effort.

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Recycled Supplies

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Use products that meet EPA guidelines for post consume recycled content such as trash can liners, toilet paper, and paper towels. By using these products you reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.


Water Conservation

Install touch-free flushing/hand washing systems and waterless urinals to minimize the water used in your facility. Improve health and hygiene by implementing a touch-free restroom. Nassco water conservation

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New technologies have helped significantly reduce the amount of materials needed to package your products safely and efficiently. Utilize biodegradable peanuts, corner board with recycled content, and advanced stretch film technology to reduce your cost and carbon footprint.



The community that a building impacts encompasses the occupants as well as the neighboring businesses and homes. An organization that develops their own Sustainable Systems will improve the marketability of their organization and of their property, increase tenant satisfaction, and establish themselves as a leader. Since Nassco's Sustainable Systems require an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, an organization will benefit for many years to come.

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3 Steps to a Sustainable Community

Workplace Wellness

Increase employee wellness through proper hand cleaning and sanitizing programs. Installing touch free foaming soaps and sanitizers can reduce product usage, and encourage a healthy environment.

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Communicate to customers, employees, and the community, your organization's dedication to Sustainable Systems and use of environmentally friendly cleaning and packaging methods.


Continuous Improvement

Ongoing training and educational programs are key to implementing successful Sustainable Systems. Nassco offers multiple tools to keep your staff trained on topics including proper cleaning, equipment maintenance, and packaging methods.

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