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Green Certifications

Green Certifications - Qualified to Guide

Nassco "Green" Products often include third-party certifications to substantiate environmentally preferable claims. Nassco Sustainable Systems offer several of the following resources to reduce environmental impacts and to promote safer and healthier work environments.


LEED Green Associate

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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally-recognized green building certification system providing building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable action plans. Both new construction and existing buildings can pursue LEED certification. Those who choose not to pursue this certification can still use LEED recommendations as a guide for "Best Practices" in operations and maintenance of any facility. LEED promotes sustainable building and development practices through rating systems that implement LEED strategies for a better environment and healthier buildings.


Nassco recognizes the importance of LEED credentials and has trained and certified LEED staff available to assist you. Working closely with our Sustainable Systems program, which utilize the latest green building technologies in the industry; we are sure to help you achieve and maintain a certified process that best fits your facility.


Green Seal™ Certified

Green Seal is an organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services. Green Seal develops life-cycle based sustainability standards for products, services and companies, while offering third-party certification for those that meet the criteria. Green Seal has been actively identifying and promoting sustainability in the marketplace and helping organizations become greener in a real and effective way.

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Nassco has a variety of Green Seal Certified products to choose from. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.


Wisconsin Green Building Alliance

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The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA) is an educational organization designed to help shape our future by facilitating and promoting ecologically sustainable practices within Wisconsin's built environment. WGBA members are organizations, corporations and institutions across Wisconsin from every industry and are a part of this community. WGBA provides research tools, instructional programs and membership options to build partnerships with other members committed to sustainability in this rapidly growing green building industry.


Nassco is a WGBA member and is positioned to support you in your quest to implement a low environmental impact program. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.


Enviromental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the national standards based upon to federal environmental laws created by Congress. These federal laws are put into place to help protect human health and the environment. The EPA makes the law tangible by writing guidelines and setting standards for states to enforce, individually, with their own regulations. The EPA helps companies understand the requirements and their importance through scientific studies and education to ensure policies are acted upon in all industries.

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Safer Choice Certified

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Previously, the EPA's label for safer chemical products had been known as Design for the Environment (DfE). Today, EPA calls this program Safer Choice. Products with the Safer Choice certification and label help consumers and commercial buyers identify products with safer chemical ingredients, without sacrificing quality or performance. When customers see the Safer Choice label on a product, they can be confident that the ingredients have been through a rigorous review by EPA.

Nassco carries multiple chemical products that meet the criteria for Safer Choice.


Carpet & Rug Institute Certified

The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) is the national trade organization representing the carpet and rug industry. In an effort to promote better indoor environments, CRI has developed the certifications for carpets, cushion, adhesives, carpet cleaning chemicals solutions, extraction systems, and vacuums. CRI provides science-based sources for the facts on carpets and rugs which coordinate with several segments within the industry. Distributors, retailers and installers participating in the Seal of Approval program help increase consumers' satisfaction with carpet and show them how carpet maintenance can create a better environment. 

Nassco has a variety of vacuum cleaners and carpet extractors to choose from that have earned the Green Label or Seal of Approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.

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ECOLOGO® Certified

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ECOLOGO is a UL environmental certification/validation that identifies healthier, more sustainable products you can trust. ECOLOGO Certified products, services and packaging are certified for reduced environmental impact. ECOLOGO standards offer both environmental leadership and human health and safety criteria that are scientifically developed, multi-stakeholder reviewed, and robustly vetted. Products that receivethis certification have undergone rigorous scientific testing or exhaustive auditing to prove their compliance with stringent environmental performance standards. 

Nassco® has a variety of cleaning chemicals and paper products that are ECOLOGO Certified. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.


Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests. The FSC helps define what is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable for forest management. They also help identify the tools and resources necessary to have a positive, lasting change while creating solutions to the challenges created by poor management of forest resources.

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Nassco works with several manufacturers of FSC approved products that promote responsible managed forests. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.