Corporate Sustainable Systems

Corporate Sustainable Systems

Nassco has formed a Sustainability Committee to identify and implement sustainability projects internally and with trading partners. We follow a green cleaning policy, which includes the use of environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals, janitorial paper products, equipment as well as custodial procedures. Our delivery trucks are routed with the state of the art software that minimizes the miles each truck travels, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

Nassco corporate sustainable systems

In our office we:
  • Use motion sensing technology in our warehouse to reduce the energy used and extend bulb life
  • Recycle office wastepaper, cardboard, plastics and aluminum
  • Use packaging methods which reduce waste going into landfills, including air fill technology, biodegradable peanuts and materials with recycled content

Nassco will continue to encourage more involvement from all associates in the area of environmental stewardship through awareness programs and team building events.

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