Keep Employees and Workplaces Healthy

Unplanned absences reduce productivity by 54%

The positive relationship between employee health and workplace productivity is well understood by corporate management experts as well as business owners large and small. A healthier workforce means reduced absenteeism, less downtime, happier employees, and overall improved productivity and profitability for your business.

Unplanned absences due to illness cost a business an average of $2,500 per employee per year, totaling $225.8 billion for the American economy.  The value of keeping facilities clean and healthy seems clear in light of these staggering numbers.

There are many simple, straightforward ways to support improved health and safety in your workplace:

  1. Encourage handwashing and frequent hand sanitizing to prevent the spread of germs. Proper hand hygiene is one of the simplest and most effective ways for employees to stay healthy and for a workplace to remain productive. Post proper handwashing charts in bathrooms, lunchrooms and near sinks. Place hand sanitizer stations in common areas of your building – lunchrooms, lobbies, etc.
  2. Encourage employees to stay home if they are ill, or consider allowing them to work from home if it is possible. Sick employees do more to hurt productivity than help it.
  3. Support employees who get flu shots, or possibly arrange to have flu shots provided at your facility. Besides proper hand hygiene, taking time to get a flu vaccine is one of three key actions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to fight influenza.
  4. Be sure your building maintenance program includes disinfecting high-germ areas regularly – water faucet handles, doorknobs, computer keyboards/stations and other places that get frequently touched. Remove soils with a cleaner before disinfecting so the disinfectant can effectively do its job.
  5. For obvious reasons, restrooms are important rooms to keep clean and disinfected. Not only does restroom cleanliness impact employee health, customers overwhelmingly say that they would avoid any business with an unclean or unsanitary restroom.
  6. Employ proper ergonomics at desks and workstations. Provide anti-fatigue or cushioned floor mats for the comfort and safety of employees who spend long hours on their feet each day, with appropriate safety features for each job function.
  7. Depending on your business and the roles of employees, be sure to have appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) readily available. This includes things like safety goggles for anyone working in or around chemicals, disposable gloves for janitorial staff or others who might come in contact with bodily fluids, and “wet floor” signs to help prevent accidents.
  8. Specify slip-resistant floor finish in your floor care program to help prevent unnecessary slips and falls.
  9. Place entrance matting outside and inside building doors to not only help prevent slip and fall accidents, but to also protect the integrity of your expensive flooring.
  10. Have an ample supply of ice melt ready in the winter months.

While the above suggestions do not represent a comprehensive list, they are a great start to get you thinking about how to keep your employees and workplace healthy and productive. Nassco offers procedural training with many resources and programs available to assist your company in creating a healthy environment for employees and customers. Check out our Total Productivity Solutions for additional information, call, or connect with us by email.

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