Versamatic 14 Dual Motor Vacuum, 14"
  • Windsor® Versamatic has easily accessible on-board vacuum wand, pull-out hose, and on-board accessory tools simplify detail cleaning
  • Design allows for cleaning right up to baseboards and furniture
  • 40 power cord with strain relief is standard
  • Base of vacuum separates from body to become a canister vacuum
  • Worn brush strip indicator light alerts user to replace brush strip
  • Even lower noise levels than before at 64.5 dBA
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Brush Strip for Versamatic 14
  • The Versamatic is the #1 selling commercial 2-motor upright vacuum and offers superior vacuuming results in a unique, labor-saving design.
  • Powerful 1000 watt motor picks up more dirt in a single pass.
  • Pull-out hose and on-board accessory tools simplify detail cleaning.
  • 3-year warranty on vacuum motor, brush motor and belt.
  • Available in 14 inch and 18 inch models.
  • Electronic control system maintains consistent motor speed and torque to eliminate premature brush, bearing and belt replacement.
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Mini Pro Carpet Extractor, 12.5"
This item has been discontinued and replaced by item 
  • 4 gallon solution and recovery tank for home or commercial cleaning.
  • Solution tank designed with no-mess splash back protection and protective filter screen to remove debris.
  • Comfort grip, adjustable handle with one-button activation and ergonomically positioned handle for balanced lifting.
  • Fold-down handle for easy transportation in any vehicle.
  • Vac shoe with wrap around soft-sided bumper for surface protection.
  • Large 10" non-marking wheels for easy transport and maneuverability.
  • High performance vacuum motor for faster drying time.
  • On-board holder for spotter/pre-spray bottle.
  • Optional hose and hand tool to clean upholstery, stairs, autos, motor homes, boats and other small areas.
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This item is discontinued
Presto 3 Mini Carpet Extractor/Spotter
  • Well-balanced design provides quick and easy cleaning of carpet spot/stains.
  • 1.16 hp (87 watt) vacuum motor, 55 psi (3.79 bar) pump and 2-gallon capacity.
  • Clear view hand tool shows cleaning results.
  • Translucent recovery tank enables user to monitor recovery water level.
  • Double Dry Hand Tool uses an enclosed spray jet to prevent over spray and dual vacuum ports for bi-directional cleaning and superior water recovery. Features a built-in brush for more aggressive cleaning.
  • Presto 3 Deluxe includes standard Presto 3 Hand Tool and the Double Dry Hand Tool. Both accomodate a variety of tools
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Radius Mini Cordless Electric Sweeper, 12"
  • Cordless electric sweeper designed for commercial applications.
  • Powerful, rechargeable nicad battery pack provides for up to 45 minutes of operation on hard surface, and up to 30 minutes on carpet.
  • Extremely quiet operation allows for cleaning even during business hours, making it ideal for use in hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars and school classrooms.
  • Innovative universal joint with parking position.
  • Large, non-marking wheels with "soft grip."
  • Rugged bumper for surface protection.
  • Optional high-speed battery charger available for complete charging in 50 minutes.
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Bolt Floor Scrubber 17" Floor Machine

Karcher Group's Bolt floor machine is a durable and reliable floor machine that will help you get your restorative work completed quickly. Featuring a robust motor, startup and run capacitors, cord strain relief and a stronger handle housing, the Bolt will not let you down.


Our Bolt low-speed and dual-speed floor machines are high quality, durable machines offering power and versatility for scrubbing and stripping. It features an adjustable handle height to accommodate various user heights. Five inch non-marking wheels allow for easy transportation.

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Pivot Cylindrical Floor Machine, Brushes Not Included
  • Versatile, portable scrubber for maintenance and deep cleaning.
  • Superior scrubbing performance with two counter-rotating brushes and 6 lbs of down pressure.
  • Can operate like a traditional swing macine for productivity in open areas or like a walk-behind for precise cleaning along walls and corners.
  • Can be used for maintenance or deep cleaning of a wide variety of floors from VCT to grouted tile.
  • Compact and portable. Simple to operate and maintain.
  • Designed for maintenance and deep cleaning in confined areas and on a number of different tiles surfaces.
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