Surface Preparation Pads (Restorative Maintenance) - Professional

In recent years preparation pads have replaced most green and blue floor pads in the scrub-and-recoat process of floor care programs concerned with optimizing productivity and operating in a more environmentally conscious way.

Preparation pads are designed to remove two to four coats of floor finish and are an excellent way to either deep scrub or potentially even strip a floor faster without harsh chemicals. The use of them is an environmentally preferred cleaning method since it eliminates the use of chemical strippers and harsh detergents in favor of diluted neutral cleaners or plain tap water. Used correctly, preparation pads will effectively remove floor finish, leaving a clean surface that is ready for recoating. Be sure to dust mop after use.

Preparation Pads reduce labor and material costs vs. conventional stripping/scrubbing and can be used with single disc floor machines or autoscrubbers. Consult your Nassco representative for additional information and specific directions for using preparation pads.

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