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A good program for the maintenance of your hard floor is intended to protect the life, appearance and investment of one of your most expensive and noticeable building assets. Planned right, it will pay you back not only in a more beautiful building, but also in improved occupant safety, a healthy work environment, positive customer perception, and reduced labor. Selecting amongst the many commercial floor care products available may seem daunting, so we’ve created a Hard Floor Product Selection Guide to walk you through the process of choosing the best products and tools for your individual program.

What type of floor surface do you have?

Whether you have stone floors, wood floors, or resilient floors, we have the products and tools you need.

Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is always cheaper than restoration. A good comprehensive program should include entrance or walk-off matting to prevent soil and moisture from entering buildings, as well as furniture protectors and other items to protect floors from unnecessary scuffs and scratches.

The Maintenance Cycle

Floor Care is a continuing cycle with 4 areas of maintenance you need to tend to, with more or less frequency.

1) Regular Maintenance — Most frequent and least expensive, every program should include daily dust mopping or damp mopping, and preferably use of an auto scrubber. This type of cleaning will help extend the maintenance cycle so that the more expensive procedures will need to be done less frequently. Some programs may also include regular burnishing. Whether you are manually damp mopping or auto scrubbing, a neutral cleaner is needed for regular maintenance. For damp mopping, you will need a damp mop and bucket, and for auto scrubbing, you will need a scrubber or a floor machine, along with a red pad.

2) Interim Maintenance — When floors still have a decent amount of finish but have lost their gloss and are not responding to burnishing, it’s time for a finish gloss repair with Bounce Back Finish Restorer or enhancement with Diamond Shield to bring them back to their original shine. The equipment you will need for interim maintenance includes a floor burnisher with 3100-3600 series floor pads, or an auto scrubber with a red pad.

3) Restorative Maintenance — When the first two steps no longer work effectively, a scrub and recoat procedure is in order. In this step you will remove two-four coats of finish and reapply more. For deep scrubbing, use a neutral cleaner, an auto scrubber or orbital floor machine, a Doodlebug, surface preparation pads, and dust mopping tools. When you recoat, you will also need a finish mop and bucket, and an air mover.

4) Chemical Strip Out — When floors are deeply scratched, yellowed, or so beat up that any of the other maintenance procedures just aren’t enough, it’s time to start fresh by chemically stripping and refinishing your floors. For stripping you’ll need a floor stripper, an auto scrubber or orbital floor machine with a 7200-7300 series floor pad, a Doodlebug, and a scraper. In between stripping and refinishing, neutralize your floor with Shineline Floor Prep.

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