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Motor Scrubber Discs & Brushes

  • Motor scrubbers are versatile machines that help you clean walls and other vertical, painted or delicate surfaces as quickly and easily as you clean small floor areas. The key to that versatility lies in the assortment of discs, brushes, and pads that you can use with the machine. Nassco carries a complete line that will help you clean and polish everything from stainless steel in your food preparation areas to wood, marble or carpeted floors.
  • Sponge Disc: Painted surfaces, plastic, glass, marble, vinyl, and delicate surfaces
  • Light Duty Brush Disc: Delicate surfaces, carpet, marble, wood, light scrub bathroom floors, walls, and stainless partitions
  • Aggressive Duty Brush: Use on floors, walls, steps, landings, kitchen surfaces, shower stalls and restroom surfaces, especially suited for cleaning stainless steel
  • Aggressive Duty w/Splash Guard: Suitable for floors, walls, steps, landings, restrooms, showers, kitchen floors, where ever you need to scrub heavy-duty dirt. The Splash Guard rings help reduce spray during use
  • Tile & Grout Brush: Great for cleaning tile and grout
  • Wax Applicator Disc: To apply wax to vehicles, floors and any other surface
  • Medium Duty Brush:Suitable for the toughest jobs and worst dirt on floors, walls, restroom and kitchen surfaces
  • Terry Cloth Bonnet: Buffing, shining and also can be used to wash
  • Long Bristle Brush (Window): Suitable for surfaces that need a "softer" touch. Perfect for washing windows and vehicles
  • Baseboard Brush: The baseboard brush attachment gives you an automatic floor scrubber power brush that allows you to scrub baseboards, floors and even those hard to clean corners and edges all in one easy operation
  • Microfiber Pad: Removes smudges, dust, oil and grease from virtually all surfaces, without chemicals, clean & polish, wet or dry. Use for up to 500 washings/dryings
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Sponge Disc ea $31.18 / EA
Light-Duty Brush Disc ea 43.99 Call For Pricing  
Aggressive Duty Brush ea $57.75 / EA
Aggressive Duty Brush with Splash Guard ea 63.99 $61.22 / EA
Tile and Grout Brush ea 61.99 $67.98 / EA
Wax Applicator Disc ea $32.33 / EA
Medium-Duty Brush ea $56.60 / EA
Terry Cloth Bonnet ea Call For Pricing  
Long Bristle Brush with Window ea 54.99 $57.75 / EA
Backing Pad ea $57.75 / EA
Baseboard Brush ea 144.99 $150.00 / EA
MicroFiber Pad ea $11.53 / EA

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Product Group: Motor Scrubber Discs & Brushes

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