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Dry Wipes & Charging Buckets

  • Choose your preferred dry wipes, bucket and add your own disinfectant.
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Round Charging Bucket $172.50 / CS
Classic Dry Towel Wipers, Round 180 sheets/roll $159.22 / CS
Pristine Dry Wipers, Round 333 sheets/roll $114.65 / CS
Charging Bucket, 10 x 8 x 5.4" $61.57 / CS
Classic Towel Wipers, 1/4 Fold, 13x13" 50 wipes/pk $106.15 / CS
Universal Pristine Wipers, 1/4 Fold, 12x13" 57 wipes/bag $113.58 / CS

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Product Group: Dry Wipes & Charging Buckets

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