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Foodservice Steam Table Foil Pans & Lids

  • Excellent for serving hot or cold food at buffets. Great for banquets, parties, and catered events. Full curl rim style.
Compare Item # Description Size Pk/Qty Qty/Cs Price Add to Cart
1/2 Size Medium Duty 2-9/16" Deep 100 $79.43 / CS
1/2 Size Heavy Duty 2-9/16" Deep 100 $110.81 / CS
Full Size 3-3/16" Deep 50 $105.52 / CS
Full Size 3-3/8" Deep 40 $232.03 / CS
Lid for 1/2 Size Pan 100 $57.93 / CS
Lid for Full Size Pan 50 $62.19 / CS

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Product Group: Foodservice Steam Table Foil Pans & Lids

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