Plastic Cutlery: Knives, Spoons and Forks - Bulk

Versatility is what you get when you select plastic silverware in bulk from Nassco. Choose between white or champagne options and different weights and finishes designed for different uses. Upscale take-out or catered parties, for example, call for extremely durable disposable cutlery including plastic knives that can cut through meats as well as flatware. If you're serving soup or handing out tasty samples of ice cream, we've got a heavyweight and a small but sturdy plastic spoon for the job. Keep your breakroom well stocked in a clean and organized fashion with disposable cutlery containers. Don't forget to buy the extra plastic spoons you're sure to need to keep it filled. Shop online today and most of our in-stock plastic silverware and cutlery kits will be shipped nationwide or delivered locally to most of Wisconsin and northern Illinois tomorrow.

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