Pitt Plastics

Pitt Plastics

Pitt Plastics Trash Can Liners

Nassco distributes Pitt's can liners, including high and low density bags as well as medical waste removal items.

It's easy to overlook the importance of trash can liners in your field, especially when you use over 500 bags per year. But think about the various occasions when your preferred can liner failed you, either by splitting apart or failing to meet capacity standards. Pitt Plastics' materials, however, far surpass traditional trash bags.

Pitt's high-density polyethylene model protects your waste up to 85 pounds and maintains consistency under extreme temperatures. Additionally, Pitt's trashcan lining bags are compostable and manufactured with recycled substances. While you may consider a trash bag to be an insignificant portion of your company's business, using Pitt's services will ultimately change that.

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