Ossian Ice Melting Products Distributor

Nassco distributes Ossian's fast acting ice melt compounds for a range of needs, with brands including Ice-Foe®, Ice Brute®, Triple Melt® and Peladow®.

Ossian Inc.’s exclusive focus on ice melt has given them a reputation as experts in the industry, and their investment in research and development has allowed them to create new and innovative products to solve the toughest deicing challenges.

Ossian’s popular Titan® Ice Melter with Bio-based Propel® is an economical choice, while Triple Melt® ice melt in both liquid and granular formulas works quickly in low temperatures to create a safer outdoor environment. For the most demanding conditions, Ossian offers two fast melting options: Ice-Foe® and the more plant friendly Peladow®.

From cost conscious products to environmentally safer options, Nassco has the Ossian Inc. ice melt product for your business needs. Buy early and beat the winter rush!

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