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There are three main considerations when choosing a floor finish:

1) Your Floor Care Maintenance Profile — While all maintenance programs are individual to some degree, our experts have categorized typical programs into the three Floor Care Maintenance Profiles (shown below).

2) Your desired level of gloss and durability — Gloss level and durability/hardness go hand in hand. The initial gloss and durability potential of your floors comes from a combination of the chemistry of your chosen floor finish plus the number of coats you apply. The higher the "solids" percentage, the higher the initial gloss and durability potential. For any floor finish, the solids percentage multiplied by the number of coats you lay down should equal 100 to achieve optimum gloss and hardness potential.

3) Your desired burnishing responsiveness — If frequent burnishing is a regular aspect of your floor care program, consider a finish with "High" or "Very High" burnishing responsiveness. These finishes will continue to produce a wet-look gloss to your floors from burnishing, for ongoing shine.

Floor Care Maintenance Profiles

Limited Maintenance Profile:

Dust/damp mopping is the primary method for cleaning while auto scrubbing is done infrequently or not at all. Burnishing is infrequent or not part of your program. If you desire a medium initial level of gloss and durability, choose one of these four products that have low burnishing responsiveness: 3M Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector (1 gallon or 2.5 gallons), P&G Pro Line Presence #13, 3M Scotchgard Low Maintenance 18, or Spartan On an' On (pail or gallon). If you have an expectation for high gloss and durability with high burnishing responsiveness, use P&G Pro Line High Affinity #16 (bag-in-box or gallon).

Standard Maintenance Profile:

Dust/damp mopping is done regularly but autoscrubbing is the preferred method for cleaning. Burnishing may or may not be included, but if it is, it is only done 1-4 times per month. If you desire high initial gloss and durability with medium burnishing responsiveness, use either 3M Scotchgard Low Maintenance 25 or Spartan iShine (pail or gallon). If you desire high initial gloss and durability with high burnishing responsiveness in your finish, use Spartan The FIXX (pail or gallon).

High Maintenance Profile:

This is the highest level of maintenance and care for floors. Daily maintenance is done by auto scrubbing, and burnishing is performed 2-4 times per week. P&G Pro Line Dexterity #15 (bag-in-box or gallon) will give you high gloss and durability plus high burnishing responsiveness. 3M Scotchgard UHS 25 offers high gloss and durability and the very highest burnishing responsiveness.

Tools to Complete the Job

Finish Applicators, Mop Buckets, Equipment (Burnisher, Floor Machine, Air Mover), Floor Pads, and PPE.

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