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Empress Straws & Stirrers

  • Empress straws come in an endless array of options providing a solution for any beverage or foodservice need. Choose from wrapped milk straws, wrapped flex straws, wrapped and unwrapped jumbo straws, or unwrapped cocktail straws/stirrers.
Compare Item # Description Color Size Pk/Qty Qty/Cs Price Add to Cart
Wrapped Semi-Slim Milk White w/ Red Stripe 5.75" 500/bx 24 bx/cs 12,000 $66.08 / CS
Wrapped Flex Straw White 7.625" 400/bx 25 bx/cs 10,000 $90.46 / CS
Unwrapped Jumbo Straw Clear 7.75" 500/bx 24 bx/cs 12,000 Call For Pricing  
Wrapped Jumbo Straw Clear 7.75" 500/bx 10 bx/cs 5,000 $45.77 / CS
Unwrapped Cocktail Straw/Stirrer Brown 5.25" 1000/bx 10 bx/cs 10,000 $33.29 / CS
Unwrapped Cocktail Straw/Stirrer Black 5.25" 1000/bx 10 bx/cs 10,000 Call For Pricing  

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Product Group: Empress Straws & Stirrers

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